Bank Loan Assistance

The cost of education has been rising year after year all around the world. And Nepal is a country from which many students wish to pursue higher education around the world. Since Nepalese students are so interested in studying abroad, education loans have become common
The Nepalese government, banks, and other financial institutions have simplified the education loan process and offered competitive schemes to Nepalese students seeking a brighter educational future. In Nepal, numerous banks provide education loans to aspiring students. However, students must evaluate the study loan based on various factors, terms and conditions. The applicant should understand total loan cost, monthly instalments, interest rates, loan processing costs, subsidies, grace periods, term periods, loan processing times, repayment schemes, moratorium periods, etc. As a result, students must investigate several banks and conduct studies on the application process and foreign exchange rates.
In Nepal, an education loan represents financial assistance for students who want to go for studying abroad. The purpose of the loan is to cover all the costs of completing an education. The following elements are included:
The borrowers have to meet criteria and agree to a few conditions offered by the loan provider to benefit from education loans in Nepal. Educational loan acceptance in Nepal necessitates the submission of supporting papers. The banks ask for the documents, and the list may vary according to their rules and regulations.

Eligible Expenses

Fees are payable to the institute and accommodation provider
Library Fee/ Lab Fee / Exam Fee
Purchase of books and equipment
Money for travel expenses for studying abroad
Purchase of computers

Basic Documentation

Loan Application form of the applicant and co-signed by both parents/guarantor
Copy of academic documents of the student (applicant)
The student’s residence and parents/guarantor exact address
Student and the parents/guarantor photographs
Citizenship Certificate from student, parents and guarantors
Detail of income source/ profession
Bank Statement, as applicable
Details of the security for collateral in the bank
Four boundary certificates, a title deed, a trace map, and a revenue receipt of land or land and buildings
In case of education loan against building as security within Municipality, documents certifying the fulfilment of required standards set by the relevant authority such as building construction completion certificate, Naksapass, approval from concerned authorities are needed.
We will help you arrange all the required documents and communicate with the bank on your behalf as a part of our service.